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- Before commissioning me, PLEASE make sure you've carefully read my T.O.S.
- All commissions start with 1 base character.
- You must have a reference sheet of your character or clear images to use as a reference.


BUST: $65

Fullbody, Headshot, Bust or Portrait gray scale sketch. No background.

Portrait (CLOSE)

BUST: $90

Fully colored and soft shaded bust or headshot. No background

Simple Render - $130


Fully colored and soft shaded full body. Clothes, props included.

Simple Reference Sheet - $200

-Fully colored reference, includes front and back pose, details, color palette and description. Simple background.
-Simple Shading
*NSFW and SFW version included.

Concept Art- STARTING AT $250

Rendered concept with color, shading, background and some details. sketch paint style.
*Background without lines, just color
**The price may vary depending on the complexity.

Full Scene $400 (CLOSE)


Fully rendered scene with detailed textures, full colored scene, shading, complex background, full lines, effects, etc.**The price may vary depending on the complexity.

Terms of service

A. Refusal of ServiceI. The Artist has full right to refuse service under any circumstance informing Client of denial/refusal of service to commit to working on Commission.
II. If the Commission ordered is deemed by the Artist a subject matter that is not one the Artist will depict, the Commission shall be denied.
III. The Artist reserves the right to refuse a commission if it does not mesh with their aesthetic or content they wish to depict.
B. Subject MatterI. The Artist will accept commissions of all ratings (Clean, Mature, Adult) depending on openings. In terms of fetishes/situations, please contact the artist with an inquiry.
II. The Artist may not create fan-art of copyrighted characters.
III. The Client must be aware of style fluctuations. The Artist will work to keep styles consistent.
C. Copyright and AlterationsI. The Artist has full rights to reproduce the art as seen fit (i.e. selling of prints, portfolio, book of works). All credit for the character design, character, or features will be given to the Client. Any alterations made to the final Commission (removing of signature, recoloring) are prohibited, unless the Artist gives written permission.
II. Should the Client decide to re-post the commissioned piece/pieces elsewhere, proper credit must be given to the Artist.
III. For an additional fee, the Client will have commercial rights for the artwork.
IV. All rights not otherwise expressed in these terms are reserved to the Artist.
D. Prices and PaymentI. Prices are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, prices listed are base prices LINK.
II. Additional fees for complex characters, markings, multiple characters, and/or content may be charged case-by-case.
III. Payment is completed through PayPal.
IV. Upon completion, the Client will receive both high-resolution and lower-resolution digital image for posting.
E. Cancellations and RefundsI. The Artist has the right to cancel a Commission if they feel that it cannot be completed to the best of their ability. A full or partial refund for the work will be given, depending on stage of completion and an agreement with client is met.
II. The Client has the right to cancel the Commission if it has not begun, or in the preliminary sketch.
III. If the work is cancelled intermittently by the client (i.e during painting stage), no refund will be given.
IV. The Artist holds the right to cancel a Commission if it cannot be completed, or if the Client behaves rudely or inappropriately, or is unable to keep in contact with the artist during the duration of the Commission.
_commissions FAQAll prices are in USD listed in the LINK
Price may varies depending on character/background complexity (wings, many colours on character, multi head, etc.)
The ych are like offers. But additional elements cost 5usd
And you must pay the paypal commission so i can get the entire payment
+Anything sfw / nsfw
+Straight, lesbian, gay sex scenes.
+Light bondage, sex toys (diiiiildos etc.)
-Sfw, artistic nude or nsfw
+Male, female, futa, herm, femboy, c-boi, etc
+Any species
+Any gender
+anime, comic, videogame characters
-Humans (need more practice)
- Characters with multiple heads or limbs - (it's conversable)
-Giant breasts or genitals (it's conversable)
- Vehicles (it's conversable but.. It will be cost to much)
-Gore ..sexual gore
-Scat, vore, watersport, cub, diappers....anything nasty, ok?
-Death, snuff, shotacon , lolicon.
-Mechas, robots.
If it isn't clear if I will/won't draw what you have in mind, just send a note asking !!!!If interested in purchasing a commission, please send me a character references, pose and outfit references, and paypal email. I will reply as soon as possibleThese commissioned images are for non-commercial use. I reserve the right to post the images in my own galleries and use them as portfolio samples to advertise my own work as well as potential future compilation artbooks.
You may post these images on your site and display them as you please, but not in any commercial way.
Payment must bet via paypal.
I will NEVER work if i don't get the pay first.
I will send to you the process for minor fixes
Stimate time in finish the work depends the complexityand the "set" selected. Usually 4-6 days.ATTENTION!!!!:
If the work is completed, I do not offer refunds. After the work is done, you have seven days where you can request fixes and/or minor changes with a minor fee. Otherwise, big changes will result in extra fees. (20% of the original price)
Remember, you can ask me any doubt you have about all this. Do it in the comments section :D ~